Beth Livingston


powder girl
make the grade
women's ice festival - ak

photos: Powder Girl: Lonnie Ball, Make the Grade: Tom Pierce, Ice Climbing in Alaska: Becky Bristow

As an athlete, Beth Livingston continues to open new doors. As adaptive technology continues to make huge inroads for the disabled athlete, Beth is both a part of its development and one of those fun hogs first in line waiting for a ride. As an Ambassador for Patagonia, Beth has the enviable position of testing products for the outdoor industry, and giving feedback for its design. This job makes trips to Heli-ski in Alaska necessary, and testing of a new wetsuit wave-skiing off the shores of Oahu product research. She is not complaining.

lila's drawing of beth skiing

Competing in Nordic skiing in the 2002 Paralympic Games in Salt Lake was thrilling but an equal adrenalin rush was the honor of carrying the Olympic Torch in her home town of Bozeman, Montana the same year.

Beth has set her sights on competing in the next Winter Paralympics in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2010.